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Balloon Helium Cylinder Rental with BOC

We are delighted to offer our regular customers discounted rates on BOC Balloon Helium gas as outlined below.
In order to recieve these prices, customers must be shopping with HouseParti at least once per month. Customers who benefit from this discount but don't purchase from us for a month or more will have the prices reversed to the Standard BOC price.
Note: These prices only apply in Great Britain and Northan Ireland.

To obtain these prices, You must first create an account on the BOC website (details can be found here) and come back to this page and complete the form below with your account number.
We will then ask BOC to attach your account to our pricing structure.
Please allow upto 2 working days for this. Generally it is a really quick process, but to be on the safe side.

Once this is done, you will then be able purchase your gases directly with BOC either via the BOC website or your local depot without the need to come to us first.

All prices shown are excluding VAT and subject to change.

Cylinder Size

BOC Standard Price

HouseParti Price

V (1.81 m3)



T (3.6 m3)



L (9 m3)



G10 (10Ltr)



G20 (20Ltr)



Delivery Charge


£75.00 (per delivery)

Collection from Depot


£18.00 (per collection)

Monthly Rental Charge

£13.50 + (per Cylinder)

£11.00 (per Cylinder)

Once you have set up an account with BOC, please complete the form below.


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