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Balloon Weight and Lift Chart

The amount helium balloons can lift is staggering. So grounding them with the correct weight is important. 
This information is only for guidance and there are additional things to take into consideration before selecting the weight you are going to use. Such as weather conditions, draughts or mechanical fans. also consider anything being added or attached to the balloon such as confetti or money ropes. Remember more you add, the heavier the balloon, the smaller the lift.

Latex Balloons

10" Round 6g
11" Round 9g
12" Round 10g
16" Round 34g
18" Round 50g
24" (2ft) Round 150g
30" Round 184g
36" (3ft) Round 340g


Foil Balloons

 18" Round 6g
18" Star 6g
20" Star 6g
36" Round 66g
36" Star 66g
15-16" Orbz 30g
21" Orbz                                                                          . 90g
15-17" Cubez 30g
17" Diamond 30g
Supershapes Various
Consider beginning around 30g 


Remember to say NO! to releasing balloons outdoors 

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