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Creating a BOC Account

Please read all of these instructions before heading to BOC to create the account.

We do appreciate this is a little on the backward side, but it is how the BOC system works.

  1. First you need to add a cylinder to your basket, any cylinder regardless of the price as you won't be completing the checkout, but you need something in the basket in order to create an account.
  2. Once you have an item in your basket, head to the 'Sign In / Register' or follow this link and register for an account.
  3. Choose an option from the list which is best suited to you. i.e. Ltd company / Sole Trader etc.
  4. Complete all the forms and agreements etc.
  5. You will then finish this with a 'Complete Registration and Check Out/Pay' 
  6. On the next page, under your delivery address, you will now have bee assigned your account number, please note this down and then you can abandon your checkout.
  7. Head back to our helium prices page and complete the form.
  8. We will then have BOC link your account to our pricing. 

Any problems, please do get intouch with BOC on 0800 111 333



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