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Kalisan Inflation Chart

Balloon Type

Diameter Lift Ability Gas Capacity Average Float Time Average Float Time Using Hi-Float
5" Round 12cm 0.0002m3
12" Round 30cm 10 gram 0.015m3 18-24 hours 20-30 days
18" Round 45cm 50 gram 0.056m3 30 hours+ 30-40 days
24" Round 60cm 120 gram 0.142m3 50 hours+ 40-50days
36" Round 90cm 180 gram 0.226m3 65 hours+ 40-50 days


This is a guide for the Standard, Retro, Macaroon, Crystal and print ranges. As a rough guide, the Mirror range will float around 8-10% longer.
The float times above are as a guide only and environmental factors need to be considered. Naturally, we recommend Hi-Float to increase the float time.

View the Kalisan Balloon Ranges

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